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Certified Official

How did you get into MMA?

In 1995 some friends got a hold of a video that had the first UFC on it. I watched it and instantly became fascinated with the sport. I then rented all the other UFC videos from Blockbuster video. Later on I discovered other MMA organizations and since then I have spent the majority of my time watching MMA. To this day I average spending 10-15 hours each week watching MMA.

What is your martial arts background?

I started training MMA around 2005 in UTCT with some friends. A few years later I trained at Jeremy Horns Elite Performance for about a year. Then I took a break from training. From the recommendation of Herb Dean to get back training as an official, in 2022 I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at First BJJ, a Carlson Gracie school. I attended classes both Gi and No Gi during the week, and have private classes every other Friday with Black Belt Mateas Queiroz.

Why do you officiate MMA?

I am an MMA judge because I believe MMA fighters deserve officials who take the sport as serious as they do. I am obsessed with understanding the ABC Judging Criteria, and applying it correctly during rounds to score fights. Every round in a fight is unique, fighters are better then they ever been, and I love the challenge of being prepared to score rounds correctly. I review the ABC judging criteria before every show I work, and I have been judging MMA in Utah since 2009. I take advantage of every opportunity I can to study MMA and judging. I loved Herb Deans course, the Zoom calls the California Athletic Commission has with judges, and the ABC judges training. Executive Director Scott Bowler for PSUAC (Utah) has been a great mentor and help in my progression as a judge.

What is your career background?

I started judging MMA in Utah in 2009. I attended my first judges training around 2008 when Big John McCarthy conducted a training at Jeremy Horns Elite Performance in Utah. I have attended and been ABC certified multiple times throughout the years at the trainings conducted in Arizona and Wyoming.I judged my first UFC in August of 2022 in Utah. When not judging I work for North Eastern Services helping people with disabilities, often times people who are autistic or have intellectual disabilities. We help them with getting jobs in the community, and having places to live, it is extremely rewarding!

What do you do on your time off?

Even when not working I spend a lot of time watching MMA, both Professional and Amateur. I am married with two children, a daughter and a son, I am blessed! I enjoy being active. I have run multiple marathons. I enjoy playing tennis and Pickleball, and lifting weights (not heavy ones). I love sushi and I could eat it every meal. I speak English and Spanish Fluently, and I am currently learning Portuguese.

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