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Certified Official

How did you get into MMA?

I was already training in martial arts when the first UFC was aired. Of course I was pulling for my Kenpo practioner. Then I saw Royce Gracie take everyone out. I was immediately hooked. The evolution of the original UFC has been an amazing thing to witness.

What is your martial arts background?

My love for martial arts started with Kenpo karate with Pete Salas when I was a kid. I studied Kenpo for the next 8 years. I didn't like team sports so I joined the high school and wresting team. Then a friend invited me to a jiu-jitsu class and I got beat up pretty soundly and repeatedly. I signed up immediately . I trained jiu-jitsu under Dean Lister for the next 15 years. We also trained Muay Thai and Judo. Along that path MMA was born and of course I dove right in.

Why do you officiate MMA?

I officiate MMA because I love the sport and want to see the best future for it. I have the experience and knowledge needed to be an asset to the officiating team.

What is your career background?

I worked in restaurant management for the majority of my career. After the covid lock downs I moved into the IT field.

What do you do on your time off?

In my time off I travel around the globe looking for the best waves and places to hike with my girlfriend.

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